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EGMO: EGMO 2017 in Switzerland

EGMO number6
Year2017 (home page)
Start date2017-04-06
End date2017-04-12
Contact nameViviane Kehl
Participating teams44 (33 official European) (list)
Contestants168 (127 official European) (scoreboard, list of participants, table of participants with photos)
Number of exams2
Number of problems6 (marked out of: 7+7+7+7+7+7)
Gold medals16 (11 official European) (scores ≥ 30)
Silver medals27 (22 official European) (scores ≥ 19)
Bronze medals43 (30 official European) (scores ≥ 11)
Honourable mentions44 (35 official European)

Extra information available:

  • Regulations.
  • Solutions.
  • The problems were proposed by the following countries: Israel, Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg.

Day 1 papers

Day 2 papers

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