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Welcome to the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO)


The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) is the premier European mathematics competition, made exclusively for high school female students who enjoy mathematics beyond the regular school curriculum. Started by the United Kingdom in April 2012, EGMO has grown since then and now includes over fifty countries, welcoming participants from beyond Europe.


EGMO aims to inspire girls to take part in national and international mathematics competitions, providing more opportunities for mathematical development. It serves as a platform to amplify the presence of young female mathematicians on the global stage with the possibility to find associates and make remarkable connections while fostering cultural exchange among teenagers worldwide. It encourages young females to become scientists and boosts the number of girls in IMO teams.


Participation is by invitation only, with each country nominating up to four students. Like the International Mathematical Olympiad, EGMO unfolds over two days, featuring three problems each day. Medals are awarded to about half of the students, with additional recognition for outstanding problem-solving skills.

The EGMO Board

The EGMO Board is the guiding force behind the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad that makes the recommendations for future events. More information about the EGMO Board.

Information on the current participation of Russia.

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