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European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

The EGMO Board met on March 6th and March 15th to discuss how to react to the Russian aggression in Ukraine identified by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The EGMO Board made two decisions (see below). The EGMO Board acted under the Force Majeure clause of General Regulations and has also been in contact with the IMO Board.

The decisions were (i) to exclude Russia from EGMO 2022 and (ii) to allow 4 students from Russia to compete remotely in EGMO 2022 as private individuals (eligible for certificates, prizes and medals) without national flags or symbols.

A vote of the EGMO Jury took place. The decisions above were confirmed.

A more detailed explanation of the reasons for these decisions and the exact result of the vote have been sent to EGMO Jury members.

The EGMO Board

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad is an international mathematics competition similar in style to the International Mathematical Olympiad, with two papers taken on consecutive days. Participating countries send teams consisting of four female mathematicians of school age. EGMO 2012 was held in Cambridge, United Kingdom in April 2012, EGMO 2013 was held in Luxembourg, EGMO 2014 was held in Türkiye, EGMO 2015 was held in Belarus, EGMO 2016 was held in Romania, EGMO 2017 was held in Switzerland, EGMO 2018 was held in Italy, EGMO 2019 was held in Ukraine, EGMO 2020 was planned to be held in the Netherlands but took place as a purely virtual event because of the COVID-19 pandemic, EGMO 2021 was planned to be held in Georgia but also took place as a purely virtual event for the same reason, EGMO 2022 was held in Hungary with some teams taking part remotely, EGMO 2023 was held in Slovenia, EGMO 2024 will be held in Georgia and EGMO 2025 will be held in Kosovo.

The EGMO Board consists of three members elected for three-year terms and three representatives of EGMO host countries. The current elected members are:

  • Viviane Kehl (President) (Switzerland) (current term ends 2025)
  • Lyuba Konova (Bulgaria) (current term ends 2025)
  • Pārsla Esmeralda Sietiņa (Latvia) (current term ends 2025)

The host country representatives are:

  • Ana Meta Dolinar (Slovenia, EGMO 2023)
  • Marekhi Nikoladze (Georgia, EGMO 2024)
  • Armend Shabani (Kosovo, EGMO 2025)

Yuliia Zdanovska

With greatest sadness we inform you that Yuliia Zdanovska, EGMO contestant of the years 2016 and 2017, was killed in shelling by Russian forces in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She was only 21.

Incredibly bright, passionate, kind human being. Yuliia loved kids and mathematics. As a winner of various competitions in mathematics and computer science, she was able to choose any career path she wanted. She decided to follow her dream and to teach kids and revolutionize education. She was going to teach kids in small towns and villages, who didn’t have the privilege of high-quality education.

When the war started, Yuliia chose to stay in Kharkiv and help, because this was her hometown. She said, “I am staying in Kharkiv until we win”.

Glory to heroes! Forever missed, forever in our hearts….

Yuliia Kravchenko and the EGMO Board, March 2022.

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