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EGMO: Information on the current participation of Russia

The following decision of the EGMO Board and Jury regarding participation of individual students from Russia at EGMO 2022 remains in operation for subsequent EGMOs.

The EGMO Board met on March 6th and March 15th to discuss how to react to the Russian aggression in Ukraine identified by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The EGMO Board made two decisions (see below). The EGMO Board acted under the Force Majeure clause of General Regulations and has also been in contact with the IMO Board.

The decisions were (i) to exclude Russia from EGMO 2022 and (ii) to allow 4 students from Russia to compete remotely in EGMO 2022 as private individuals (eligible for certificates, prizes and medals) without national flags or symbols.

A vote of the EGMO Jury took place. The decisions above were confirmed.

A more detailed explanation of the reasons for these decisions and the exact result of the vote have been sent to EGMO Jury members.

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