Country listing

The list of countries may also be downloaded in UTF-8 CSV format.

Code Name Official European
ALB Albania Yes
ALG Algeria No
ARM Armenia Yes
AUS Australia No
AZE Azerbaijan Yes
BEL Belgium Yes
BGD Bangladesh No
BGR Bulgaria Yes
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes
BLR Belarus Yes
BRA Brazil No
CAN Canada No
CHN People's Republic of China No
COL Colombia No
CYP Cyprus Yes
CZE Czech Republic Yes
DEN Denmark Yes
ECU Ecuador No
ESP Spain Yes
EST Estonia Yes
FIN Finland Yes
FRA France Yes
GEO Georgia Yes
GEOB Georgia B No
GER Germany Yes
GHA Ghana No
HEL Greece Yes
HRV Croatia Yes
HUN Hungary Yes
IND India No
IRL Ireland Yes
ISR Israel No
ITA Italy Yes
JPN Japan No
KAZ Kazakhstan Yes
KSV Kosovo Yes
LTU Lithuania Yes
LUX Luxembourg Yes
LVA Latvia Yes
MDA Republic of Moldova Yes
MEX Mexico No
MKD North Macedonia Yes
MNG Mongolia No
NLD Netherlands Yes
NOR Norway Yes
POL Poland Yes
ROU Romania Yes
SAU Saudi Arabia No
SRB Serbia Yes
SUI Switzerland Yes
SVK Slovakia Yes
SVN Slovenia Yes
TJK Tajikistan No
TUN Tunisia No
TUR Türkiye Yes
TWN Taiwan No
UKR Ukraine Yes
UNK United Kingdom Yes
USA United States of America No
ZZA EGMO 2024 Staff No

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